Mindfulness-based Attention Training

Mindfulness-based Attention Training (MBAT) is a short-form program (4 weeks, 8 hours) that is amenable to contextualization for a variety of high-demand, high-stress cohorts. This program  can be effectively delivered via trained trainers. Amishi Jha and Scott Rogers are co-authors and copyright owners of this program.

Some of the groups that have completed MBAT:

In preparation

Boland, C., Zanesco, A.P., Denkova, E., Alessio, C., Price, M., Rogers, S.L., & Jha, A.P. (in prep). Investigating the Impact of Short-form Mindfulness Training on Measures of Stress and Affect in Time pressured Professional and Community Settings.

Price M, Zanesco A, Denkova E, Barry J, Rogers SL, & Jha A.P. (submitted). Investigating the Protective Effects of Mindfulness-Based Attention Training on Mind Wandering in Applied Settings. Frontiers in Psychology.

Publications & Book Chapters

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