Welcome to the Jha Lab

Welcome! The Jha Lab’s research aims to understand: 1) How attention, working memory, and related executive functions exert their influence over information processing in the human brain; 2) Why these functions sometimes fail when we need them most; and 3) How to train them to work better. We employ a variety of cognitive neuroscience techniques including functional MRI, event-related potentials/EEG, behavioral and self-reported/phenomenological metrics, and cognitive training approaches involving mindfulness meditation. With grants from the Department of Defense and several private foundations, our current projects investigate the neural bases of attention and the effects of mindfulness-based training programs on cognition, emotion, resilience, and performance in education, corporate, elite sports, first-responder, and military contexts. 

Our lab is in the Division of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience within the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami, in Florida.

Contact Us

Lab Phone Number: (305) 284-8148

Lab Email Address: inquiries.jhalab@miami.edu