How do attention and working memory exert their influence on the brain’s information processing?

One important line of research investigates how attention, working memory, and related executive functions exert their influence on information processing in the human brain. Using functional MRI and ERPs, as well as behavioral tasks involving parametric manipulations of cognitive demand, we have learned that attentional selection mechanisms bias perceptual processing during attention (e.g., Jha, 2002; Sreenivasan et al., 2009), working memory (e.g., Sreenivasan and Jha, 2007) and long-term memory (e.g., Sreenivasan et al., 2011) tasks, and may similarly bias activity during emotional processing (e.g., Brudner et al., 2018). In our current projects we are exploring dynamic adjustments in cognitive control as a function of manipulations of cognitive load and distractor interference (e.g., Witkin et al., 2020).

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