Jordan Barry

Research Associate |

Jordan received his BA in psychology from the University of Connecticut. His research interests include mindfulness training’s impact on attention and working memory, decentering as a protective ability, and the neural correlates of consciousness.


Denkova, E., Alessio, C., Barry, J., Zanesco, A. P., Rogers., S. L., Matusevich, K., & Jha A. P. (2022). Mindfulness training in organizational settings: An empirical look at the research. In L. Wilkin & Y. Pathak (Eds.), De Gruyter Handbook of Organizational Conflict Management (pp. 57-68). De Gruyter.

Denkova, E., Barry, J., Slavin, L., Zanesco, A. P., Rogers, S. L., & Jha, A. P. (2021). Investigating the impact of peer-trainer delivered mindfulness training on cognitive abilities and psychological health. Mindfulness.


Barry, J., Zanesco, A. P., Denkova, E., Rogers, S. L., & Jha, A. P. (2023, Accepted). Examining the protective effects of short-form mindfulness training on sustained attention in high- demand cohorts. Poster to be presented at: International Society for Contemplative Research Annual Conference, San Diego, CA.

Barry, J., Alessio, C., Rooks, J., Rogers, S. L., Jha, A. P., & Denkova, E. (2020). The Power of Distancing during a Pandemic: Greater Decentering Protects Against the Deleterious Effects of COVID19-related Intrusive Thoughts on Psychological Health in Older Adults. Poster presented at: The Mind & Life 2020 Contemplative Research Conference; 2020 Nov 6; Online.