Jordan Barry

Jordan received his BA in psychology from the University of Connecticut. During his time in the lab, he was interested in how mindfulness training’s impacts attention and working memory, decentering as a protective ability, and the neural correlates of consciousness.

Publications & Presentations

Denkova, E., Alessio, C., Barry, J., Zanesco, A. P., Rogers., S. L., Matusevich, K., & Jha A. P. (2022). Mindfulness training in organizational settings: An empirical look at the research. In L. Wilkin & Y. Pathak (Eds.), De Gruyter Handbook of Organizational Conflict Management (pp. 57-68). De Gruyter.

Denkova, E., Barry, J., Slavin, L., Zanesco, A. P., Rogers, S. L., & Jha, A. P. (2021). Investigating the impact of peer-trainer delivered mindfulness training on cognitive abilities and psychological health. Mindfulness.

Barry, J., Zanesco, A. P., Denkova, E., Rogers, S. L., & Jha, A. P. (2023, Accepted). Examining the protective effects of short-form mindfulness training on sustained attention in high- demand cohorts. Poster to be presented at: International Society for Contemplative Research Annual Conference, San Diego, CA.

Barry, J., Alessio, C., Rooks, J., Rogers, S. L., Jha, A. P., & Denkova, E. (2020). The Power of Distancing during a Pandemic: Greater Decentering Protects Against the Deleterious Effects of COVID19-related Intrusive Thoughts on Psychological Health in Older Adults. Poster presented at: The Mind & Life 2020 Contemplative Research Conference; 2020 Nov 6; Online.